Volunteering with MAPPAC

MAPPAC runs projects related to increasing awareness about children’s palliative care, fundraising and supporting clinical services for children with life-limiting illnesses.

As projects are planned and initiated, we need volunteers from all walks of life with different skillsets. You do not need to have experience in healthcare to support MAPPAC.

Examples of ways that you can contribute

  • Help out at MAPPAC booths during exhibitions or events 
  • Help out during MAPPAC training workshops and events including registration, events
  • Join our Home Companion programme where you will be trained to provide care for children with life-limiting illness, to provide a break for parents who need them.
  • Design and create promotional content, newsletter or website management
  • Translation work for our newsletter or publications
  • Help with transporting equipment for MAPPAC events 

These are just some examples of things that volunteers can contribute towards MAPPAC.

Volunteer Guidelines

Some guidelines are needed for volunteers so that the principles of children’s palliative care and the rights of patients are protected.

  • Volunteers should respect the patient and the family’s confidentiality and privacy. Taking photos of patients and their family for sharing on own social media is completely prohibited without permission from the family. Patient and families’ contact details should not be shared out without their consent.
  • Volunteers should not promote any treatment or give suggestions that go against what the patient’s family has received from their main doctor. The patient’s medical condition may be complicated, and well-meant suggestions may sometimes unintentionally cause serious problems.
  • Volunteers should not participate in activities with the aim to sell their own products or services.
  • Volunteers should respect the religion and culture of the patients and their families. They should not attempt to convert patients and their families. Always respect the dignity of patients.
  • To ensure a harmonious and equitable environment for all, volunteers are not to promote their own interests such as political preferences, religious beliefs, ethnic groups or nationality, and business or marketing activities.
  • MAPPAC also appreciates that volunteers should be respectful to one another, be punctual for events, and to carry out the tasks with sincerity and professionalism.
  • It is also important to care for yourself. If you find yourself feeling burnt out or overwhelmed, it is okay to let us know and take a break. 

We hope that you will join us. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. We also believe that you will find your involvement to be meaningful to support children with life-limiting illnesses.

Keep yourself posted to our MAPPAC Facebook page for opportunities to contribute. 

You may contact us at mappacmalaysia@gmail.com if you wish to contribute as a volunteer.