Hospice Centre

"At MAPPAC, where the Child and the Family matters!"

Malaysian Children’s Hospice (MCH) is being established as a service centre under MAPPAC to provide multi-disciplinary care and support to children who are facing the life-limiting and life-threatening illness in Malaysia. Example of life limiting illness are:

  • Children with brain damage and on bed ridden
  • Cancer children without any more curative treatment
  • Children born with in-born heart disease without curative surgery option
  • Children with kidney failure without option of dialysis or kidney transplant
  • Children with progressive muscle weakness secondary to genetic problem without a curative treatment


  • To provide Clinical Services to children being referred from hospitals in the form of regular home-visits, telephone communications and medical equipment loan on need basis.  
  • To educate and reassess the techniques of home care and symptom management of caregivers (caregiver training)
  • To provide Psychosocial Support with music therapy, play therapy and counselling services.
  • Home and school occupational therapy and physiotherapy supports

  • To provide temporary relief for their usual caregivers – respite care at  patient home

Patients and their families do not need to pay for the above services (except deposit requirement for loan of medical equipment) as they are sponsored by donors to MAPPAC.

Starting June 2023, we will have the first MCH KL Centre to reach out to peadiatric patients in the whole of KL, Cheras, Ampang, Petaling Jaya.  

For more information, please refer to the following 

1.  Hospice Referral Process
2.  Hospice Referral Letter (to be completed by qualified doctor)
     •  WORD format
     •  PDF format

3.  MCH KL Hospice Service Flyer