• MAPPAC Charity Night 2024
  • Paediatric palliative unit HTAKL is providing the first specialised peadiatric palliative medicine service in MOH hospital
  • Palliative care supports children with life-limiting illnesses and their families
  • At MAPPAC, the children and their parents matter!
  • Support the development of children's palliative care in Malaysia
  • NCCPCM 2022 organising committee and volunteers

What is MAPPAC?.

MAPPAC (PPM-001-10-18062018) is a registered non-profit non-governmental organization set up on 18 June 2018. MAPPAC aims to provide a platform for healthcare providers, volunteers and caregivers to contribute towards the development of paediatric palliative care in Malaysia.

What is paediatric palliative care (PPC)?

Paediatric palliative care is also known as palliative care for children. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines palliative care for children as the active total care of the child’s body, mind and spirit, including support for the family, when a child has a life-limiting illness. A life-limiting illness is an illness for which there is no cure, and will result in a shortened life for the child.

What does MAPPAC do?

MAPPAC activities are centered around 4 main pillars, which are:

(1) Advocacy
to increase public awareness on the importance of palliative care for children

(2) Training and education
To provide training and education programmes for healthcare providers, volunteers and caregivers of children with life-limiting illnesses 

(3) Clinical services
To provide services that support families of children with life-limiting illnesses 

(4) Research
To support research activities to generate new knowledge regarding paediatric palliative care.