Info for card designer

Information for children / teenagers who wish to create these greeting cards

Guidelines for the card design

• The recommended card size is half of A4 size (148mm x 210mm).

 Use white or coloured paper which are thicker in quality.

 Providing matching sized envelopes are encouraged.

 Feel free to draw something that will brighten, cheer up and encourage the recipient.

 You may design cards in English, Malay or Mandarin

 You are free to use any materials based on your own creativity, such colour pencils, water colour, oil pastel.

 Sign your name on the back of the card so that the recipient may know who is the creator of the cards.

 MAPPAC will stamp on each card to show that it is a MAPPAC initiative.

Suggestions for the card theme

The following are some situations where your cards may be needed. You may design your cards to match these situations. If you need more ideas on suitable wordings, you may click here for the list.

Cards for sick children:

 Don’t give up when the doctor tells you that you have a serious disease

 Congratulations, you can go home soon!

 When you feel sad and lonely

 When you feel angry

 When you are asking “Why me?”

Cards for parents:

 When the doctor tells you that your child is seriously ill

 When you feel sad and lonely

 When you feel tired

 When you are asking “Why me?”

 When you have lost your child

Cards for healthcare staff:

 Thank you for all your care to the patients and their families

 When you feel tired and helpless

 You are doing meaningful work

Phrases to avoid

 Get well soon 

 Feel better soon 

 Stay strong

 Messages with religious theme or sentiments

Please post/courier the completed cards / paintings to: Mr. Michael Tan

No. 63, Jalan BU 12/7, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tell us your name, age, and contact details so that MAPPAC can issue you a letter of acknowledgement for your work. 

Email: michaeltanadrian@gmail.com

Tel: 017-962 1228

Please inform Mr. Michael Tan regarding the consignment tracking number when you are sending them through courier service.


 MAPPAC reserves the rights to all submitted cards or artwork for fundraising purposes for clinical and educational activities.

 Contributors may share the submitted cards/artwork on their own social media but should not publish the names of the recipients.

 The contributed cards or artworks are not to be used for other fundraising purposes without permission from MAPPAC.