Ideas for card wordings

Do you need suggestions for wordings for the card? You can choose any of the following or write your own.


You will never walk alone

Sending you a little sunshine

We wish to put a smile on your face today

Our thoughts and encouragement are with you

It is okay to be sad, but you are always loved

We wish you a wonderful day

Sending you good thoughts and kind wishes

Keep smiling no matter what

Sending you lots of hugs

For patients

There will be good and bad days, don’t give up

You are not alone!

I am a warrior!

We are praying for you

For parents

It’s okay to shed a tear, it is the love that you bear

We are always there for you

It is not how much you do, but how much love you put into it

For health staff

I am so proud of your work. Keep going, dear warrior!

Thank you for all that you’re doing

Thank you for your love and care

Because of you, little lives’ are shining brighter

You’re doing so much, remember to take care of yourself too!

Phrases to avoid 

Get well soon 

Feel better soon 

Stay strong

Messages with religious theme or sentiments