Caregiver Handbook

Being a caregiver to a child who is receiving palliative care is not easy. There are many things that a caregiver needs to know when caring for the child, including physical, mental, emotional and social care. 

This handbook is written to support the caregivers in their journey, with contributions from various healthcare professionals and experienced volunteers involved in palliative care. The handbook provides practical knowledge and guides on care for children with palliative care needs.

Being the first caregiver handbook for children with palliative care needs in Malaysia, it is useful as a core reference for healthcare workers who wish to conduct caregiver training workshops in paediatric palliative care. The handbook will also be invaluable for volunteers who wish to contribute as respite caregivers for children with palliative care needs.

If you are a caregiver and wish to get a free copy of this handbook, please email us at Delivery charges may apply.

If you are a healthcare professional or a volunteer and wish to get a copy of this handbook, it is available through a donation to MAPPAC. Please email us at for further information.